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NCoreSign (Digital signage box)

NCoreSign Digital Signage brings with it great advantages for the Apparel Retail Industry. It enhances the retail experience of your customers as well as adds a new dimension to your communication with your customers. In an Industry which cater to varied individual tastes of customers and where standardization can only be in size
and not in design, NCoreSign Digital Signage is a wonderful way to present your complete portfolio to your customers, through a single window !
lets look at some of the ways in which you can transform customer experience at you retail stores.
Showcase your Fashion Shows and Events
You actually magnify the audience of your fashion shows by showcasing them at your stores through NCoreSign. Showing the works of your designers to your buying customers enhances the appeal of your products and your brand. It also enhance top-of-the-mind recall and helps your increase your sales throughput.
New Product Launch
NCoreSign is perfect for this scenario. You can straight away play your TV commercials at your stores starting launch day. No logistic issue here. Just upload the videos centrally and they would start playing at your stores from the day
and time you want. Complete control in your hand.
Your investment in the TVC is leveraged to engage the customer not only at his home but also at your retail touchpoint. You may also make extended videos showcasing your product especially for retail playing. This allows you to engage the customer more and move your products quickly.
Discounts and Promotions
It is also a great medium to announce your seasonal Sale and promotions. You can have animated popups which captures the attention of the shopper. You can even put a screen on the shop window and attract passersby to step in
to your stores. A moving image is always more eye-catching than a static poster.
NCoreSign makes all this possible in just a click. Once the screens are deployed in your stores, all it takes is to upload the media on the Publishing Server, set the schedules and map the screens to the schedule. NCoreSign Subscriber unit will automatically download its schedules and media and start playing the play-lists automatically.
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